Custom Home Building in Minnetonka, MN

It’s Your Home. Take Your Time and Choose Wisely
We listen, we dig deep, and we deliver
It’s Your Home. Take Your Time and Choose Wisely​
We invite you to take your time, read through our process, look through our portfolio, read our testimonials, and contact us when you are ready. This is a large project you are considering, and it should be well thought out. Building a truly custom home is not for the faint of heart. It will be difficult at times and will test your determination, but it should also be fun and rewarding. Designing and building a home is a major investment of time, energy, and resources and it’s important that you choose the right builder. We hope to provide you with all the information you need to make a solid informed choice.
Is Renaissance Right For You?
bring your custom home to life
Your home should make you happy.
Is Renaissance Right For You?
Our customers come to us with a dream; an aspirational vision of what their home could be. It’s our job to take that vision and bring it to life. Your home should make you happy. It should be unique to you and how you live your life.
This is the type of home we build.
How Much Will My Project Cost?
Budget is important to us
How Much Will My Project Cost?
How can you make the biggest decision of your life and commit to a builder without having some inclination to what it will cost you?
We get it.
As a starting point, most of our homes start in the $220-$225 per square foot range and go up from there.
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How Long Will it Take to Complete My Project?
phases of our custom home build
Feasibility Phase – 1 to 3 weeks
Here we find out if the project is realistic. Does the budget fit the wish list? Are we a good fit? This phase typically takes 1-3 weeks to complete
Design Phase – 2 to 4 months
In this phase, we breathe life into your home. Most of our designs take 2-4 months to complete but it’s not uncommon for a complex home to take longer than that. Learn More
Production Phase
We take our plans, specs, and scope and bring the vision into reality. Historically, our home builds take anywhere between 7-12 months. Like in the design phase, larger, or more complex homes can take longer.
3 Separate Project Phases
How Long Will it Take to Complete My Project?

There are three separate phases of a project, and they all vary in length depending on the size and complexity of the home.

How has the labor shortage and supply chain affected the building industry?
Proper Planning, Good Communication, and Action.
How has the labor shortage and supply chain affected the building industry?

We’ve been building beautiful homes right through the pandemic, thanks to great communication with our customers and trade partners.

Greatly! The recent pandemic has led to major supply chain issues as well as a significant shortage of labor in the building industry. Pricing volatility and sub-contract labor can be very detrimental to a new home project if not properly planned for.
We always answer our phones, and we always deal in reality. If we have bad news, we share it immediately because bad news is better than no news at all. We’ve built a very effective model for identifying, organizing, and ordering materials.
By spending a little more time upfront in the design phase, we can essentially eliminate any problems with back-ordered materials or price increases. By the time our permit is approved, we are ready to order all the products and materials used to build your home. All the issues can be avoided with proper planning, good communication, and action.
It’s More Than Just a Home
Personal Touch
The design of your new home should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you happy. Only after we solidify the amenities and special features that make your home truly yours do we turn our attention back to the finishes. Your home is a very personal story. Every detail must be clear. Every corner must be explored. Let’s start this story together.
"Excellent. They were very responsive to our needs. Kept us informed of their progress and were on time with their work timeline. Their design ideas were phenomenal. Very creative in problem solving. And kept to their budget. Highly recommended."
- Freddie Contreras
The start of something long-lasting
It’s More Than Just a Home

Is it built well? Is the design timeless? Will the builder pick up the phone when you have an issue? We don’t just build homes for people, we develop close, personal relationships with them that last for a lifetime.